Scripting for Law of Attraction Manifestation


Scripting for Law of Attraction is a powerful tool for making your manifestations come to life! Keep on reading to find out how to use the scripting technique to your advantage.

Scripting for the Law of Attraction is a great way to help you get into the energy of what you want to help it come to you easily!

There are many great tools to use when utilizing the Law of Attraction, and scripting is one of them.

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What is Scripting for Law of Attraction

Scripting is basically like future journaling. You’re writing in a journal as if what you are wanting has already happened. This works because it’s helping you get a really clear idea of what you want to attract into your life.

It also works by getting you into the feeling of already having what it is that you want.

The Universe works by how you feel vs. what you say or think. It doesn’t understand the difference between your physical reality and the reality you’re currently creating in your mind. So when you’re scripting, you’re getting into the energy of already having what you want, so the Universe responds to that by bringing you what you want, and scenarios that will help you get there. 

Scripting manifesting works for any topic too! So no matter what it is that you want, you can make it happen. 

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Can You Use Scripting to Manifest a Specific Person

Using the Law of Attraction to manifest a specific person is a bit of a tricky matter, because everyone has free will. If you’re wanting to attract someone as your partner, but they have no interest in being with you, then it’s not going to work because they have free will and can choose who they do or don’t want to be with. Plus, you want someone to actually want to be with you, right?

However, if this is someone that also is interested in you, but maybe you aren’t aware of it, scripting could potentially help bring in your specific person.

Can You Use Scripting to Manifest Love

You definitely can use scripting to manifest love!

This is different than manifesting a specific person because if you’re trying to manifest a loving relationship and leave the outcome open, then the Universe can bring you the right person for you because you’re not trying to control the outcome! 

When you’re using scripting to manifest a relationship, really sink into the feeling that you want to have in your relationship. Do you want to feel cherished and safe? Really let yourself feel that as you’re spending your time writing. 

Can You Use Scripting to Manifest Money

Of course! Manifesting money with the Law of Attraction is very possible, and scripting is a great way to get there. 

When you’re scripting to manifest money, don’t just focus on the money. Focus on the feeling that having the money will bring you. Focus on the fun things you’ll be able to do, and experiences that money will afford you, and really get into feeling it! 

Scripting Law of Attraction Examples

I personally have used scripting in my Law of Attraction practice and have found it very helpful. One scripting success story I have is when I moved into my dream apartment. I used a vision board and scripting to get into the feeling of being at home in the floor plan I wanted, and in the building I wanted. I got so into the feeling of it being mine that I could close my eyes and see where all of my furniture would be. 

Scripting Law of Attraction Template

There is no “template” so to speak. The easiest way to make scripting work for you is to sit with a journal that brings you joy, put on uplifting music that puts you into a good mood, then free write as if you’ve just experienced exactly what you want to see happen in your physical reality.

The key is getting to the place where it feels genuinely real to you! 

Scripting is just one of the many Law of Attraction techniques that work wonders. Below you can find more of my posts on the Law of Attraction to see which techniques call to you!

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