Manifest a Specific Person: Manifesting Your Ex Back Success Stories

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If you’ve been thinking about manifesting your ex back, but want to know if it’s even possible, then we’re here to help you out! 

The Law of Attraction is a very powerful thing, and you can literally co-create with the universe to manifest your ex back. You can even manifest a specific person that you haven’t dated yet if you have your eye on a certain someone.

Now, I feel that I need to put in a little disclaimer here before we dive in. 

Here on Earth, we all have free will. This essentially means that we can choose what we do, or don’t do. 

How does this translate to you manifesting your specific person?

Well, because they have their own free will, that can make it harder for the Law of Attraction to work. We can never override someone’s freewill. So if you’re trying to manifest in someone who is already in a happy, loving relationship for example, then even if you try to manifest them in to you, you’re not likely going to have success. If they’re single and looking, then of course your chances of success with manifesting in your specific person will be much higher. 

Also, it wouldn’t be an exactly ethical idea to try to manifest someone against their will. 

With that out of the way, let’s get into how to manifest your specific person into your life to give you the best chances at success!

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Visualizing to Manifest Your Specific Person

When you’re manifesting a relationship with anyone, the main goal should be how you feel with the person. You don’t want to spend all of your time attracting in someone who could be toxic for you. 

So when you’re working on your manifesting, you need to really focus on how you are feeling in this relationship.

A great way to do this is by visualizing. 

When you’re visualizing your relationship, picture a scene that you would love to have play out.

How are you feeling in this moment? What does it feel like to be wrapped in their arms? Some of this may come easier to you if you’re manifesting your ex back since you already know how that feels. If you’re manifesting someone new though, use your imagination. 

You really want to make sure you don’t have negative thoughts happening throughout this process.

If you’re manifesting someone specific while you’re visualizing, feel free to use their image and their name, but the most important part is feeling the feeling as if you’re already in that situation in your physical reality. 

Scripting to Manifest a Specific Person

Scripting is another great way to manifest a specific person, especially when manifesting your ex back. 

If you feel like you’re not great with visualization, or have a hard time connecting with it, scripting is another popular method to try. You can also layer up your methods and try multiple. 

With scripting, what you’re going to do is grab a notebook and hand write out scenarios with your specific person or ex. It’s a bit like I explained with visualization, except this time you’re writing it out instead of picturing it. If you can picture it at the same time, then that’s a great bonus too!

Also like we mentioned with visualizing, feeling the experience as if it’s really happening for you is super important here too. 

The Universe is always responding to how we feel. 

When you’re scripting, be sure to use as much detail as you can. How are you feeling, what’s the temperature, what are the different sounds around you? Make is as realistic as you can. 

You can also use positive affirmations in your scripting to help you really tap into the feeling of having what it is that you’re trying to manifest. There are many affirmation success stories out there, and using methods like this is part of the reason why!

Let Go to Manifest a Specific Person

Letting go when manifesting your ex back, or any other specific person is very important.

If may feel a little bit counterintuitive, but hear me out.

When you’re busy obsessing about anything you’re trying to manifest, you’re giving out the energy of “lacking”. If you already had what you were manifesting into your life, then you wouldn’t be giving out the energy of wanting, lack, or even desperation. 

So how do you let go to manifest? I know it can feel hard, or even impossible, but it’s something to work on.

My suggestion would be to have a specific time of day that you use for manifesting in your specific partner. So for example let’s say you start your day with 10 minutes of intentional manifesting. After those 10 minutes, go about your day, and don’t let yourself obsess about the outcome. 

If the thought of your person comes into your mind, don’t freak out though. Just acknowledge it, and choose to move your brain onto another topic. 

Have you ever heard, or even experienced having a crush on someone, then once you’re over them they all of the sudden like you now? How annoying, right? But that’s because you let go since you moved on. 

Master the skill of letting go while still manifesting what you want

This truly does get easier with time and practice. Trust that your person is on their way to you, and enjoy your life while you wait. 

Manifesting Ex Back Success Stories

So after reading an article like this you may be wondering if I have any experience in this?

I sure do! 

When I was in my early 20’s my boyfriend left me after over 3 years together. Not only did he break up with me, he completely blindsided me and literally planned it out to make it as painful as possible. Nice right? 

Now I should just point out that if you have someone treating you like that, just leave it. Yes it’s painful and you probably still love them. However, it will save you pain in the long run. Learn from my mistakes – and know your worth!

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Anyways, I wanted this guy back. I loved him and was sure we could make it work. 

I tried so hard to win him over, yet it felt like the harder I tried, the more he pulled away.

Long story short, eventually I got over him. There was no drama to it. We had been seeing each other every few weeks for weekend visits since we had been long distance, and between these visits one time things changed. We had a nice visit, then I went home as per usual, then a few weeks later when I saw him, there was nothing there for me anymore. I felt completely neutral to him. 

This feeling of neutrality is the key! 

Since I was no longer pining over him, and trying so hard to win him back over, my emotions were no longer putting out the feelings of lack and desperation. 

After a few weeks, I noticed he started hitting on me again. Then a few weeks after that he officially asked me back out. I turned him down. He continued for over a year to get me back because I was continually in that feeling of neutrality. 

So as you can see, letting go was so important. It’s too bad I didn’t clue in when I was actually trying to win him over. (Although, sometimes the Universe is just protecting you… listen to that too)!

I also have other mini stories especially of crushes liking me after I got over them. Super annoying, but it was clearly a lesson I needed to learn! 

I hope you go forward taking these tips with you to help you attract a wonderful, happy, and loving relationship into your life. Whether it’s with your specific person, manifesting your ex back, or bringing in someone completely new, I wish you all the happiest things in your relationships!

There are many successful people out there using these methods with great results. Have self confidence in what you’re doing and that will help with your self esteem overall and you’ll be sure to have some success with your love life too! I can’t wait to hear about your own loa success stories.  

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