How To Manifest Money: Using Law of Attraction to Attract Money FAST!

If you’re wondering how to manifest money by using the law of attraction, keep reading to find out the best tips for attracting money quickly and effortlessly!

How to manifest money with the law of attraction? Believe it or not, it’s probably easier than you think!

You may have heard about the Law of Attraction, and are wondering how you can use it to begin to attract more money into your life. Perhaps you’ve even mastered the art of attracting discounts, freebies, gift cards etc. but you want to learn how to manifest actual cash in your hands or in your bank account. That’s what I’m here to help you with!

The first thing to keep in mind is that the universe has no limitations, only your mind and beliefs are limited. It takes the same amount of effort for the universe to bring you $1 as it does to bring you $100, $1000, or even $1,000,000! 

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So you might now be wondering how to manifest money overnight. Is it possible to manifest money in 24 hours? It sure is! There are so many stories of people getting money to them out of the blue! They literally manifest money out of thin air! You might be wondering how?

You need to be aligned with the energy of money!

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Here are some handy tips for how to become the energetic match to the money you want to attract!

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How to Ask The Universe for Money

You can literally just ask! You can do this through a prayer, a letter, journaling etc. Whichever way feels best for you. You need to let the Universe know what you want in order for it to bring it to you. 

You only need to ask once and then BELIEVE it’s coming! An example I love of this is like when you’re ordering food at a restaurant. You ask the waiter for what you want, and you fully expect it to come your way. You’re not calling the waiter over again and again to keep reordering! It’s the same with the Universe. It hears what you’re asking for. As long as you truly believe it’s coming your way, it will come.

Be Specific

Going with the restaurant analogy again, when you ask the waiter for your order, you give details of what you want. You don’t just ask them to bring you food. You tell them exactly what you want. You’d like a burger with tomatoes, lettuce, onions, and extra pickle? That’s what you say! You want to manifest an extra $300? Let the Universe know!

Receiving From the Universe

Of course receiving is the best part! However, because you knew it was coming, you don’t have to go wild and crazy about it once you receive it! You can just thank the Universe for bringing it to you, because of course it would! 

Aside from asking the Universe to bring you the money you’re manifesting, what can you do?

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Use Daily Affirmations for Money

Daily affirmations are great when you’re trying to manifest anything because they help to reprogram your mind, which can reprogram your beliefs. A few examples of affirmations you could try when you’re wondering how to use the law of attraction for money are: 

  • I am a money magnet
  • I easily bring in $_____ each month
  • It’s my birth right to be wealthy

Check out my post on creating daily affirmations to learn how to create really powerful ones that resonate with you. 

Use the 55×5 Technique

I have a whole post on how to use the 55×5 technique that you can read, but as a quick summary here, take one of the money affirmations that resonates with you and begin to write it out in a journal or notebook and begin to write it out 55 times! Then do that for 5 days straight (hence the name 55×5 or 5×55). 

It’s best to do this without any distractions around, so try to have a quiet room for 15-30 minutes where you can sit and really feel the emotions of having this money while you’re writing. Feeling the feeling of having the money is putting you into alignment for receiving the money. Having this focused, high vibe energy going towards what you’re trying to manifest is an amazing and powerful way to attract it into your life. 

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Use Visualization to Attract Money with The Law of Attraction

Visualization is a great tool to help attract more money into your life.

To visualize, get comfortable and close your eyes. You can use a guided meditation, music that inspires you, or sit in silence, whichever works best for you. Then play out the scene of already having what it is you want! 

Experience the sounds, smells, feelings of you already having it! This is such a powerful way to put you directly into alignment with what you’re manifesting, which helps it come to you so much faster because there are no obstacles!

Try doing this once or twice a day even if it’s only for a few minutes at a time. Never underestimate the effectiveness of feeling the feelings!

Journaling to Manifest Money Quickly

Sometimes we have limiting thoughts and blocks in our belief system that we might not be consciously aware of. 

Journaling with targeted journaling prompts can be a great way to unearth some of these limiting beliefs that you have so that you can release them! 

To begin journaling, Google some different prompts that you can use and really reflect on them, and see what comes up for you without judging it! 

Tapping to Release Blocks

If you’ve found some energetic blocks while doing your journaling, a great way to get rid of them is to do some EFT tapping. A great way to do this is through some YouTube videos. I highly recommend Brad Yates’ tapping videos if you’re just getting started! 

Using Scripting to Attract Money

Scripting is another powerful tool that you can use to attract the money you want from the Universe. 

Again, using your notebook or journal, you want to get into the feeling of having the amount that you’re manifesting whether that’s one lump sum, or perhaps upgrading your current monthly income. Once you’re in the vibration of having it, begin to write in your journal AS IF you’ve already received what you’re asking for

Explain the feeling of having it, what you’re going to spend it on, or save it for. Go very into detail about the feelings and plans you have, BUT do not write about the HOW! Here’s why:

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Forget the How – When Learning How to Manifest Money!

When using the Law of Attraction, you want to focus on a lot of details, however, the “how” is never something you should focus on. You don’t want to tell the Universe how to bring you what you want. 

Why is that?

Because as humans we have a very limited mind when it comes to the possibilities. There are so many possibilities out there that we ourselves can’t even begin to imagine. If you’re telling the Universe how to bring the money to you, you’re cutting off so many other potential opportunities for the money to come your way which are likely better than you’re able to even imagine! The “how” is none of your business!

A popular example of this is when people want to win money. So many people focus on trying to attract winning the lottery with the Law of Attraction. That is only one way money can come to you. That cuts out soooo many amazing ways the money could come to you instead!

When you focus on the “how”, it also gives an energy of distrust in it coming to you because essentially you’re trying to control how the Universe can bring it to you, and this isn’t the energy of flow that you need to really attract something in! 

I hope that you found this post helpful for attracting more money into your life!

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