Easily Decode Angel Numbers For Powerful Universe Signs

Angel numbers are a great way to get signs from the Universe. Find out what they mean and how to decode them below!

Angel numbers are a great way to receive feedback from the angels and from the Universe. If you’ve been around the blog for a while, you’ll know that I love to talk about the Law of Attraction, and this falls into that category. When you work on the Law of Attraction, you’re working the the Universe to create the life you want. Using angel numbers is a great way to get messages directly from the Universe.

If you find yourself seeing repeating numbers in random places like on receipts, license plates, the time etc. then it may start to feel like more than a coincidence, and you’re right! If you begin to notice a lot of numbers showing up to you in patterns, that’s the Universe trying to communicate with you! If you see a number like 222 everywhere you look, you can bet that it would be a good number to look up to see what the Universe is trying to say.

When the Universe is trying to communicate with you, it doesn’t always have to be a number that comes in 3’s although it is a common option. You might also see something like 856 or something. You can look up those numbers as well. You can also assign certain number sequences to have a specific meaning for you as well. For example when I see 934 I know my Grandpa is with me. I chose this number for him because it just felt like that’s what was being told to me, and his birth year was 1934. So if I’m driving and see a license plate with 934, or wake up at 9:34am, I know it’s him saying hello.

There are multiple places online where you can look up what repeating numbers could mean for you, but the one I would suggest is Sacred Scribes Angel Numbers. There is also a great little pocket book you can get that you can always reference to called Angel Numbers 101 that is also a great option if you want a short, to the point explanation of the numbers facing you from 0 – 999.

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You may see a number repeated more or fewer times, and that’s totally fine as well. Maybe you’ll see number 26 everywhere, and that may have a special meaning to you. If you’re seeing the same number over and over, it means that the message is stronger! So if you see number 22222 you can find the meaning of 2, know that the message is very strong for you.

Below, I’ll make a short list of the description of the common triple numbers form 1 – 9 to give you an idea of what they mean since they’re the most frequently seen numbers especially once you’re first getting started.

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Repeating Angel Numbers Meanings


Be conscious of your thoughts because they are manifesting them quicker than you realize.


Make sure you’re taking a balanced approach to things you’re doing.


Ascended Masters are around you and giving you guidance.


Your angels are around you and supporting you.

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Big changes are coming to your life. Be ready to get busy!


Have trust in the Universe that things are happening for your highest good. Balance and heal.


Luck is on your side!


Money could be coming your way, get ready for it.


A cycle is coming to a completion. Be open to new opportunities coming your way.

I hope this explanation on angel numbers has been helpful for you to give you a bit of an idea on how we receive signs from the Universe and our angels. If you’re new to this part of spirituality, be sure to check out Sacred Scribes Angel Numbers to look up any repeating numbers that you’re seeing in your day to day life, or pick up the book Angel Numbers 101!

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