Manifest a Dream Home: How I Did it and How You Can Too!


Manifest a dream home? Yep! It can be done! Stay tuned to see how I was able to do this, and see how you can do it too!

I was able to manifest a dream home that I’d had my eye on for a while, and it was easier than I ever thought possible! I’d been wanting to get my own place for years now, but I’m also picky so it wasn’t just about moving out for me, I had specific targets in mind (*cough* expensive taste *cough*). 

Last year my mom and I moved to Halifax from Toronto and one of the lures for me was the price of rent in Halifax vs the rent in Toronto… ouch! Toronto’s living costs keep rising, and it seemed like a far off dream that I would be able to afford what I wanted. So we moved to Halifax and I’ve been living with my mom which has been great, but I definitely am ready for my own space again. 

I want to be in a more central area so I can go out and explore and meet new people easier. I had looked at places for a long time and it seemed like I would either have to live far out of the city (and not be able to afford a car to get into the city), live in a run down, older place, or live with a few roommates. I have already lived in a super run down, grimy, probably illegal apartment in Toronto, and I lived on residence for a short time in college. I feel like that experience turned me off of having roommates ever, so I definitely went into this wanting something pretty much brand new, modern, bright, and all mine! 

Oh! And all within my budget of course.

I was keeping my eyes open for places around Halifax and a few times had thought about settling. There’s a specific area of Halifax that I love walking in and I remember thinking to myself that I would love to live in that area. I ended up looking at older buildings in the area, but could never get myself to commit to anything. 

Then one day when I was walking I noticed a new condo building going up and made a note to check it out online. Of course online there were no floor plans or prices, so I emailed to get a price to see if I could even hope to get in. To my complete amazement, they had multiple units in my price range, and it was even cheaper than some of the older units in the area I had been looking at!

A lovely made bed. Manifest dream home

I went to check out the sales centre, and wouldn’t you know I fell in love. They offer completely modern, brand new beautiful units and I couldn’t believe that this huge dream of mine could potentially soon become a reality. 

As I looked at floor plans, I had originally gone in thinking I would just grab the cheapest place available since I was just thrilled to have this opportunity at all. Honestly, any unit would have been perfect for me when I was using this time to manifest a dream home!

While studying over the floor plans, however, I realized that I really wanted some more space to make the place feel more like a permanent home, and not have just a college apartment vibe. 

I also began thinking of getting a one bedroom unit, but the price was higher and there was actually less space over all, so I settled on a large studio unit with a massive balcony, plenty of natural light, beautiful wood floors, a modern bathroom and kitchen, and even a walk in closet! 

This is everything I wanted and never imagined I could get by myself! I couldn’t believe I was actually able to manifest a dream home like this for myself! When I got serious about manifesting my dream home though, that’s when the magic really happened. 

Read on below to find out exactly how I was able to manifest a dream home and how you can do it too! (You can actually manifest anything you want with these tips, but I’ll be using a home as my example since that’s the theme for the day!)

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Tips to Manifest a Dream Home with the Law of Attraction

Ok so I’m not sure how conventional this manifestation technique is in terms of using the law of attraction because I don’t hear it be spoken about all that much, but once I decided on which floor plan I wanted I actually put a copy of it under my fitted sheet on the bed below my pillow. I remember using this trick to visualize stuff I wanted as a teenager and it was helpful.  I even remember bringing it up with my boyfriend at the time and it was his first introduction to the law of attraction and he was able to attract his dream car to him using only this method. I feel like if you want something badly, this is such an easy thing to do to help bring it to you. It’s a set it and forget it thing.

Detach From It

Talking about set it and forget it, it’s also important when using the universal Law of Attraction to not obsess! I’m bad for this when I want something sooo badly, so I made sure to detach from it. I wanted the condo but I didn’t let myself put too much thought into it. When I did think about the condo, I made sure I was in a good, light mood and briefly picture myself in the space with an idea of where my main items were like furniture, then I released it again.

Make a Vision Board

Before I even knew about these buildings I began a vision board (also known as a dream board or goal board) with a bunch of stuff I wanted for my life in the relatively near future. I used pictures from different condos in Halifax that I found online since multiple condos were going up at once, and I wanted to be in one of them. Once I came across this building, I also put up a picture of the outside before I ever saw the floor plans. I would look at the board and glance over everything, giving gratitude as I went, and again when I was done, I would let it go (detach). I had the board up in my room, so when I was in bed I would glance at it and be reminded of the things I was working for, and it would be the first thing I would see when I woke up in the morning.

Cozy dog on a couch.

Take Inspired Action

I also had to take action to manifest a dream home for myself. A lot of people hear about Law of Attraction in a Law of Attraction book or movie such as The Secret and think that they can just sit around and whatever they want will just come to them. Sure that can happen, but it wasn’t likely that a new home was going to just fall into my lap right? I had to decide where I wanted to live in Halifax, what I wasn’t willing to compromise on, look around for what’s available, increase the amount I was working to bring up my monthly budget. Once I found my perfect location and building, I still had to apply, ask my mom to co-sign, and there was quite a bit of paperwork to deal with to make it happen. I had to work towards it, and the Universe helped to open the doors for me as I put in the effort.

Use Positive Affirmations

Normally I use daily affirmations but I did minimal work with them this specific goal because I was really just detaching from the outcome. Detaching doesn’t mean giving up on your dream, let me just be clear. It just means you’re still living your life and not obsessing. You’ll be so happy and grateful when what you want comes to fruition, but if for some reason it doesn’t it’s not the end of your life. You still go about your day being grateful. What I did with these positive affirmations though was I printed out a picture of the building and wrote “I am so happy and grateful now that I live at [address].”I put the gratitude out there and gave my thanks, and again detached.

Daily Gratitude

I also used gratitude every night to manifest a dream home. I always do this as a daily ritual and it helps with every aspect of my life. As I turn out my light at night, I think about all of the things I’m grateful for. If things went great in the day, I list all of the wonderful things that happened. If it was a harder day, I give thanks for my health, or having a supportive mom and friends who had my back and helped me get through the day. Even when my dog died, I was devastated but still gave so much thanks for having him in my life in the first place, and gave thanks for the fact that I had someone worth missing. So even though I didn’t specifically focus on the condo at night, I would give gratitude for the beautiful home and safe community I currently live in. I’m very fortunate and I make sure to acknowledge it daily. Giving gratitude, no matter what it’s for, raises your vibration and helps you to continue to attract things to be grateful into your life.

So that’s the exact process that I used when it came to attracting my dream home into my life. Nowadays I’m busy buying things for my new home, and every time I make a purchase, and get a package of something new in the mail, I give so much thanks for this exciting new chapter in my life. It truly feel so magical. When you begin using the Law of Attraction in your life to help co create your existence, life begins to start to feel magical when you begin to you’re your manifestations come to life!

I would love to know about your experiences with the law of attraction. Have you tried it and seen some great results? Or is this still a new concept for you? I would love to hear below!

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