How to Manifest Money Overnight with the Law of Attraction

Have you ever wondered how to manifest money overnight? You can do this literally and figuratively. Keep on reading to learn how to manifest money in 24 hours for yourself. 

Money is one of the most popular things people want to attract while using the Law of Attraction. When thinking about manifesting money, you may be wondering exactly how quickly you can make it happen, especially if you have no clue how it will come about. 

Well, the good news is that the “how” is none of your business.

The Universe can attract $1 just as easily as it can attract $1,000,000! The reason a larger sum may take longer to come to us is because we believe that the larger the amount, the longer the time it will take.

Want to manifest money fast? Great! Learn how to attract unexpected money below.

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How to Manifest Something Overnight (Not just money)!

Track the Money You Have Coming In

When it comes to manifesting money, you want to acknowledge the money you already have coming in.

With the Law of Attraction, the more you focus on something, the more of it that makes its way to you. This includes money. So the more you focus on the money coming your way, the more money will come. 

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Denise Duffield Thomas has a great app that helps you with tracking the money coming into your life. You can create a goal, then track the money that you have coming in to see how close you are to your goal. 

You don’t just track the cash that comes your way, you also want to track value of things you get for free because that counts too.

For example, if your coworker buys you a coffee, add that into the app with what the price would have cost you if you were to buy it. 

By the end of the month, you’ll be surprised to see what has come in. Keep doing this to help attract money into your life. 

Give Gratitude

You also want to make sure you give gratitude for all of the money you currently have. Even if you don’t have much, still feel grateful for it. If you find something as small as a dime on the sidewalk, pick it up and give gratitude with the feeling of “there is more where that came from”! 

Also when you’re paying your bills, instead of feeling bummed watching that money go out, give gratitude for what the service gave you. Your phone bill helped to keep you connected, your water bill kept you clean and hydrated, your electricity bill kept your lights on, etc. Give gratitude for these things as you pay out the bills. 

Get Clear About Your Desires

Money flows much easier when it is dedicated to going somewhere.

There is actually a fun little exercise that you can do to prepare for money. Ask yourself if you have any idea how much money you actually want to attract, or is it kind of vague or a random number you picked out of thin air? Try to get a bit more clear.

What are your goals for when you have the money?

Is there a specific trip you want to take? A house? Debt repayment? A certain amount in your savings fund?

Sit and write out everything that you want to attract into your life then add up the cost of these items, then try to attract that amount of money for yourself.

Having money goals and giving the money a purpose makes it a lot easier to come and fulfill its purpose. 

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There are multiple really great ways to visualize, and it’s a good idea to get into a visualization routine. It doesn’t have to take a ton of time, and it’s actually a very enjoyable way to spend your time.

Visualize with Vision Boards

Visualizing with a vision board is a great tool for those who are very visual. Putting together a vision board is a fun and crafty way to get into your dream life. You can create a vision board in a few different ways. 

  • Cut out photos from magazines and paste them to a piece of bristol board. 
  • Go online and save images from Google and Pinterest, then print them out and paste them to a piece of bristol board.
  • If you’re handy on the computer, save the images from the internet, then create a custom collage in a program like Photoshop. Then you can print it to have it around you, or you can even make it your phone and computer background. 
Female hand holding a fan of money

If you like the idea above but don’t know how to use Photoshop, you can also create a collage in an online program like Canva. Canva also has some premade collage templates that you can use and you can just drag the photos you’ve saved into that. 

When you’re making your vision board, save photos of money that make you feel good and excited, and try to find your own currency if you can to help it feel even more real. 

Also, add photos of the items you want or experiences you want to have once you receive the money into your life.

It’s not actually money itself that we want, it’s what it can get us. So the money is a great representation, but make sure you’re having photos that invoke the emotions you’ll have once you get what you ultimately want. 

Visualize with Meditations

You can also visualize with meditations. There are some great guided meditations out there that can walk you through the process of picturing what you want. These work great if you’re new to meditating, or if you want that your mind wanders more frequently when you try.

Gabby Bernstein has a great meditation membership that I highly recommend if you’re looking to be guided through your experience. 

If you’d rather meditate on your own, you can find some great meditation music on YouTube to help you settle your mind. You can even use binaural beats, which is a sound frequency that is in alignment with what you’re looking for. The Youtube channel Good Vibes – Binaural Beats has a huge selection to choose from. 

Visualize Through the Day

As you’re going about your day, you can also spend some time visualizing, which essentially is just daydreaming about what you want. If you’re stuck in line at the grocery store, then let yourself slip into a daydream of how good it would feel to have the money you want and picture yourself spending it in the ways that you want to.

Hold Positive Thoughts About Money

Some people have really negative thoughts about money. However, if you spend your time having negative thoughts about money, or speak about it in a negative light, how do you expect to ever be able to bring more of it into your life? If you believe that money is bad for whatever reason, then your subconscious mind is going to try really hard to keep you away from it!

If you find yourself speaking poorly about money, try to reframe your thoughts and sentences when you catch yourself. 

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Think Positively About People with Money

Similarly to the above, if you have negative beliefs about rich people, it’s going to make it very hard for you to become a rich person. If you believe that “rich people are evil” for example, then again your subconscious is going to try to avoid becoming a rich person, because it knows that you aren’t evil. 

Do some rich people behave terribly? You bet. But so do some middle-class people, and so do some poor people. It’s not left just to the rich. Try to find rich people who are doing some good in the world, and try to focus on them. Plus, think about all of the good that can come to the world and the people around you if you become rich. Good things will happen when money is in your hands. 

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Learn About Your Money Blocks and Work on Releasing Them

If you have any beliefs about money or rich people being bad as mentioned in the two previous points, then that’s a money block. Work on readjusting how you think about money and rich people to clear that. 

There are many other money blocks that could be contributing to you not being where you want to be yet financially. 

Think over your life experience with money. What did you hear about money growing up? What are some of your negative memories about money or the lack thereof?

Even if you grew up rich, you may have somehow “learned” that it wasn’t safe to be rich. For a personal example of how sneaky this can be to figure out, I’ll share one of my limiting beliefs that I had to discover and release.

I grew up with a single mom and my father refused to pay child support. My subconscious picked up from this that “I’m not worthy of money or of having my basic needs met”. This is a lie. We are all enough and we are all worthy.

It’s little things like this that we need to find and shed a light on so we can let go of its hold on us. 

Positive Money Affirmations

Using positive affirmations is one of my favorite ways to use the Law of Attraction to manifest things into my physical reality. You can learn how to create your own daily positive affirmations in this post, but basically create a positive statement that feels great to you that you can then repeat to yourself throughout the day. Or you can use the 55×5 method to help bring it into existence. 

Release Your Doubt and Have Trust

It can be hard to not have doubt when you really want to attract something into your life and you haven’t seen it arrive yet. You need to trust the process though and release the doubt.

Having doubt chases away what you’re trying to bring in. You need to trust the process and trust that the money is coming your way. 

Let Go and Don’t Obsess

This is also very hard when you’re trying to attract something in. When you obsess over the outcome of what you want to attract, you actually end up pushing it away with the energy of desperation. 

A common way that this is seen is when you have a crush on someone, and once you’re over them, they all of the sudden have a crush on you. Your energy was pushing them away when you were hyper focused on them, but once you “let go”, then they were attracted in. You want to harness that energy of letting go when you’re actively manifesting. 

I’ve heard it described before as “holding on loosely” and I think that explains it really well.

During the day, do your different methods of visualizing, but then once you’re done, release your thoughts about it. Trust that it’s on its way to you right now, and go about your day putting your attention elsewhere. 

Letting go with the Law of Attraction doesn’t mean you’re giving up or stopping the manifesting, you’re letting go of the need to control it coming in. You’re just in a state of trusting and receiving. 

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Feel the Feelings and Act as if

Feeling the feelings of your manifestation already being in your life is HUGE when it comes to manifesting. 

When you’re going through your day, act as if the money has already come your way.

When you see what you want, say to yourself “I can easily afford that”. Then be sure you’re putting in emotion to it. It’s very important to FEEL that you already have what you want in this reality because your brain can’t tell the difference between something in your physical reality vs. something that you’re only thinking about.

When you feel the way you would feel when your manifestation comes to life, your brain thinks it’s true, so will look for ways to prove it as fact, which will then lead you to a path to bringing it into physical form.

Take Inspired Action

As mentioned above, when you act as if you already have it, and you feel as if you already have it, your brain will look for ways to prove it right.

When it does this, you may get an idea of some way that can bring money to you. Perhaps you’ll decide to buy a lottery ticket when you never usually play, maybe you’ll see a job ad catch your eye for a job you’d love. 

One misconception with the Law of Attraction is that many people think you just ask for what you want and sit on your butt and wait for it.

Does that sometimes happen? Yep. Is that always the way? Not usually. 

When you feel inspired to do something, trust that and go for it. It will feel in alignment with you and can bring about great rewards. 

Manifest Money Overnight…. Literally

This is one trick I don’t hear spoken about a lot, but I have found it to be so helpful in my manifestation journey. I will literally print out photos of what I want, or write down some affirmations and I’ll place them under my pillow under the fitted sheet on the mattress. 

Print some photos of money and the things you want just like with the vision board exercise and tuck them and some of your positive affirmations under your pillow. 

Can you actually manifest anything overnight?

You bet! There is no time limit on how long it takes to attract anything and many things have been attracted overnight, or sometimes even sooner than that! 

Just choose methods from this list that feel good to you and hold the belief that the money is on its way to you right now! 

How to Attract Money in 24 Hours

Using these techniques can very well help you attract money immediately within the next 24 hours, but of course, the situation is different for every single person depending on energy and beliefs.

The quicker you can address any potential money blocks, the quicker the Universe can work on your behalf. Attracting money quickly is definitely possible. It really depends on your overall money mindset! 

How to Manifest Anything Overnight

You can use the above points and methods to attract anything you want into your life, they don’t just apply to manifesting money. Don’t worry about how to manifest something overnight if it’s not about money, follow these tips with anything you’re trying to bring into your reality!

I hope that this post about how to manifest money when you are broke was really helpful for you and that you’ll start to see some great results soon. Even if you aren’t broke but just want to uplevel your life, you can also use these tips if you’ve been wondering how to manifest wealth fast. 

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