My First Law of Attraction Success Story


I’ve been practicing the Law of Attraction ever since the movie The Secret came out, and over the years have created so many wonderful things in my life from that. I’m wanting to start a Law of Attraction segment on the blog because I’m so passionate about it, and thought I would start off today by telling my first success story where I realized there really must be something to this!

When I was in high school, iPods came out and the mp3 player I was using those days (which was super cool at that time) was beginning to fall apart. 

Side note, I didn’t have internet in those days, so I had to literally record music from the tv or radio by holding up my mp3 player to the speakers, and most of my music was from music videos so any talking or sound effects in the video were part of my playlist. Oh how times have changed! 

Anyways, I decided that I was going to use my Christmas money towards getting an iPod (since I didn’t have internet though, my friends would take turns bringing my iPod home and loading their playlists on for me to listen to LOL).

First Law of Attraction Success Story

So Christmas Eve came which is when we celebrate, and then Christmas Day we just lounge together, but it was the most boring day of my life because I was SO antsy to get my iPod. 

Finally Boxing Day came, and we went downtown Toronto to experience the Boxing Day madness for the first time, which was nuts, and wonderful, and so much fun at the time. We first went to the Eaton Centre, then we were going to Swiss Chalet which had a Best Buy across the street. 

My grandparents went to the restaurant to grab us a table, and Mom came with me to buy my iPod. After much deliberation I decided I wanted a green iPod. I went into Best Buy and saw where they kept the iPods and found an available associate and asked for a green one. They went to look for it, and brought out a blue one and said it was the very last one they had in the store, so I took it!

Fast forward a few months, I was cleaning my room and found a bristol board behind my dresser and I had no idea what it was or what it was doing there. As I pulled it out, I realized it was the first vision board I had tried to make after watching The Secret, and there was only one picture on there and it was a blue iPod! 

I had left the board on my dresser to look at it, but somehow didn’t notice that it had fallen behind months ago, way before Christmas. I had originally wanted a blue iPod which is why I had pasted it onto this vision board, and even though I ended up changing my mind, the Universe had clearly heard me asking for this blue iPod for so long, and that’s exactly what I got. 

The very last one available on Boxing Day was literally sitting and waiting for me in the midst of crazy shoppers and it was blue!

So that was my very first success that I had noticed in my life with the Law of Attraction. I’m sure I had others before this, because the law works whether you know you’re using it or not, but this is when I realized that the Law of Attraction truly works!

Do you have any success stories with the Law of Attraction? I would love for you to share them below!

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