23 Daily Positive Affirmations For Anxiety


If you’re looking for some daily positive affirmations for anxiety, check out some examples below.

Daily positive affirmations for anxiety are a great addition to your daily anxiety maintenance routine.

Dealing with anxiety can be crippling, and quite frankly, it gets annoying very quickly. Sometimes anxiety can come out of nowhere for what seems like no reason at all. Other times anxiety can be sparked by social situations.

When you find yourself overwhelmed by anxiety, you may find that you just have to ride the waves until it goes away. One thing that can help in this situation however, is using affirmations.

Woman sitting with a cup of coffee. A great time to go over your daily positive affirmations for anxiety

Speaking positively to yourself can make a huge change in how you feel, no matter what mood you’re in, and it can even help calm your anxiety. When you say affirmations to yourself, it’s important that you word them in a positive way. 

Also when you’re repeating the affirmations to yourself, you want to do your best to put yourself into a space of feeling at a match of the words you’re saying. For example, if you were repeating “I am calm” to yourself, do your best to be calm. Repeat the words slowly to yourself and focus on them, while working on some deep breathing. At the same time it may help to visualize yourself doing something you enjoy, or maybe look at some pictures that make you happy.

Here are some positive affirmations for anxiety that you can use daily to help keep calm and relaxed.

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Positive Affirmations for Anxiety

  1. I am calm, cool, and collected.
  2. I choose to let go of my anxiety, I am peaceful.
  3. Everything is working out in my best interest.
  4. I look to the future with faith and happiness.
  5. I choose to be happy.
  6. I inhale peace, I exhale stress.
  7. I love and approve of myself unconditionally.
  8. I choose to free myself from fear.     
  9. I am receptive to miracles from the Universe.
  10. I am safe and in control.
  11. I am enough.
  12. I am worthy.
  13. I trust the path for my life.
  14. I am strong.
  15. I choose to live in the present moment.
  16. I am patient and relaxed.
  17. I choose to focus on the positives in my life.
  18. I trust my life’s plan, I am ok.
  19. I am strong and independent.
  20. I choose to let go of the past and look forward to the future.
  21. I am always divinely protected.
  22. I matter and am worthy.
  23. All is well, I am safe.

I hope these positive affirmations for anxiety will help you get started on your affirmation journey.

If you feel drawn to any of these affirmation examples, feel free to use them when you feel that you are in need. Using daily positive affirmations can be an effective way to help avoid, or minimize anxiety.

Of course, if you feel that you are struggling with anxiety, don’t fear seeking out help. There are many useful resources out there that can help you cope.

If you deal with a general anxiety, I have found Rescue Remedy is very helpful.

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