How To Create Fast Acting Daily Affirmations

When you begin to learn about the law of attraction, you quickly learn that daily affirmations are super important to getting yourself into the right mindset to bring your manifestations to life. 

In my conversations with people on this topic, I’ve realized that most people do daily affirmations in a way that will actually bring about the opposite of what they want! That’s what I want to help you avoid in this post! I’m then going to explain to you how to actually go about making effective affirmations that will help with your manifestation practice!

First, what is an affirmation? If you’re new to the law of attraction, you can check out my post on the law of attraction for beginners here, but basically affirmations are positive statements you can write out or say to yourself that help you get in line with the vibration of what you want to help attract it into your life.

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The most common mistakes with daily affirmations

Affirmations are meant to be positive, but so many people add negative words into their affirmations, which actually brings about the opposite of what they want!

Example: “I am so thankful now that I am not broke”

Some people word their affirmations like this which may look innocent, so what’s the problem? The Universe can’t tell the difference when a negative work like “not” is brought into the affirmation. So what the Universe is hearing is “I am so thankful now that I am broke” and by hearing this, it will bring more situations to you that will cause you to remain broke, like a job loss or unexpected bills.

How can you fix this to make it a positive affirmation? By changing the wording a bit!

Example: “I am so thankful for my wealth”
“I am so thankful for the abundance in my bank account”
“I am a money magnet”
“Money flows to me effortlessly, there is always more than enough for me”

These are just a few examples! There are so many ways to have fun with making your law of attraction affirmations! You have to use the ones that really strike a chord with you, so that you’ll really feel it.

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Another common mistake that I see all the time is people place what they want in the future.

Example: “I’ll be able to afford my dream house one day”

By saying something like this, you’re making sure that your house (or whatever you’re manifesting) will always stay in the future! There is no time in the Universe. That’s a human made thing. So when using positive affirmations, you want to describe what you want as being in the now!

Example: “I am so thankful that I’m able to afford my dream home”
This way you are showing the Universe that you currently have the means to have your home. It’s in the present, which means the Universe has to work towards making it happen NOW!

I have a few tips to help you make your own daily affirmations. You of course can search some on the internet, but what’s the fun in that? Plus sometimes if you have a more specific or personal situation, being able to make your own is the only way you’ll really be able to get to that vibe that you want to be on.

1: You can set up affirmations however you’d like, but I promised you effective affirmations, so if you’re a beginner the most powerful and simple way to make great affirmations would be to start with “I am”. Saying “I am” is so powerful, so you always want to make sure you end that sentence positively.

2: Next, it’s great to follow with “happy” and/or “grateful”. I typically try to use both of these, because you’re showing gratitude and happiness/positivity which speeds up the process and makes you feel great, which helps you match the vibration of what you’re bringing in to yourself.

3: Then finish the sentence with what you want using positive words.

When you’re done, your affirmation will look something like this:

  • [I am] [happy and grateful] now that [I am getting straight A’s in school]
  • [I am] [happy and grateful] now that [I am happily married to the love of my life]
  • [I am] [happy and grateful] now that [I am at a healthy weight]

I hope this post was able to help you begin or improve on your manifestation journey. I’d love to hear below what you’re manifesting these days, or any success stories that you have!

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