Stones for Aries: 5 Best Crystals for Aries


Today we’re going over the best stones for Aries zodiac signs.

People who are born between March 21 and April 19 are the ones with Aries zodiac sign.

Being a fire sign, Aries people have a very fiery and courageous personality. They are creative as well as imaginative while being sympathetic and kind too.

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To them honesty, faithfulness and planning is very important, but at the same time, they love adventures and impromptu plans. They are very impulsive in nature which can be their positive as well as a negative trait depending on the situation.

Based on their confident personality and passionate energy, there are some perfect crystals for Aries. If you are an Aries and looking for the best Aries stones and crystals that you can have, then you are at the right place.

Here, we will discuss the 5 crystals that the Aries zodiac sign can have.

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5 Best Stones for Aries

Crystals can help bring you relief from stress and anxiety while hepiing to clear your mind and calm your energy.

It is also believed that some crystals and stones bring good luck along with some great opportunities in your life. However, not every crystal is meant for everyone. If you are an Aries, then you can use one of these 5 crystals to help you in different ways. These crystals are:

Amethyst for Aries

Amethyst crystals are known for bringing some calmness and clarity in life.

Do you often get very irritated or get some major mood swings? This can be quite common in Aries people and thus Amethyst is a natural fit for them.

This crystal can help in relieving or dispelling stress and anger from your mind, which can help to find a proper balance.

Amethyst crystal being held iin a hand with other colorful crystals in the background

Amethyst also helps you to clear your mind for minimizing distractions, which can help you keep working hard and focused. With this crystal, it will be easier for you to achieve your goals without much worry and stress. Besides that, this beautiful purple stone can strongly complement the personality of the Ram.

This beautiful crystal can also bring some spiritual lightness as well as help to achieve a better balance in your life.

Amethyst can actually help you to channelize your passion and ambition in the most positive and healthiest way.

Aquamarine for Aries

Aries people are quite infamous for speaking before they think. Hence, Aquamarine is one of the best stones for Aries as this is related to the throat chakra.

The Aquamarine is popular for sharpening the intuition of the Aries and also helps in increasing their self-awareness.

Aquamarine is a water stone and it can help the fire sign, Aries, to calm down. This crystal has some energy that can help in taming the fire flames.

While Aries people can be quite impulsive, they can also be rigid at times. This crystal can bring some flexibility in the life of an Aries.

Aquamarine crystals are beautiful stones with a calm blue appearance. These crystals can help people in the Aries sign to relieve stress, encourage peace, and clear the mind. If you want to work on your temper and calm down, this stone for Aries can help.

The aquamarine crystal is one of the best Aries healing stones.

Clear Quartz for Aries

Being adventurous, fiery, and headstrong in nature, Aries people could benefit to have clear quartz crystals with them.

Aries can be highly benefitted by clear quartz as it brings calmness to their ambitious and passionate nature.

This can help them be calm and consider others while moving ahead to achieve what they have envisioned.

Clear quartz can bring some great balance to the life of Aries as this crystal has some cleansing and healing properties.

A collection of 10 clear quartz crystals laying down

Also, clear quartz has some grounding properties in it making this crystal a perfect choice for the Aries sign. This crystal releases some purifying and soothing vibrations that can help in neutralizing all the negative energy around you. This quality can help to enhance your mood and make you happier.

As the name suggests, the clear quartz crystals look like a chunk of ice with a clear to translucent appearance.

You can keep this crystal at a corner of your house to reduce the bad mood and energy and accentuate positive vibrations all around.

Citrine for Aries

Citrine is one of the most helpful and effective crystals for Aries. This crystal is all about positive energy and healing.

As you know Aries people are ambitious and they are very driven to be successful. Having citrine crystal around you can help you to attract success and more wealth in your life.

This crystal is perfect for encouraging you in pursuing a goal to have better prosperity and wealth. You can keep some citrine crystals in your home or you can drape yourself in this crystal too in the form of earrings, rings, and necklaces.

The best part of Citrine is that it can help you in manifesting the positive growth and success in your life that you are looking for.

The citrine crystal emits some positive energy too for the Aries to have a new and fresh beginning. If you are a person with the Aries zodiac sign, then this crystal is perfect for you.

Rose Quartz for Aries

The rose quartz crystal is associated with the heart chakra and it is all about love, compassion, and empathy.

This crystal can encourage selflessness as well as unconditional love for yourself and others. All of these gentle energies that the rose quartz emits can help the Aries in balancing the aggressive and impulsive nature that they may have.

It is better if you can carry the Rose Quartz crystals along with you or else you also keep them at a corner of your house. The Rose Quartz help in feeling loved, needed, and valued all the time. This can encourage the best feeling of your life.

A collection of 12 rose quartz crystals laying down

If you are an Aries or anyone you love is an Aries, then gifting a rose quartz crystal is a great idea. It can offer them love and peaceful energy that can neutralize their possible aggression which is driven by the planet Mars.

Also, it certainly doesn’t hurt that the rose quartz looks so pretty and can be a nice piece of decor in pretty much any room. It can even be a beautiful piece of jewelry that you can wear with you anywhere you go, so you can always benefit from its positive energy.

These are the 5 best crystals and stones for Aries that you can get for yourself or the Aries in your life.

You can either use these crystals to keep in your house as a piece of decoration or you can also wear these crystals as earrings, rings, and necklaces.

These five crystals can bring very positive energy for the Aries people and they can be quite helpful for you in your life.

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