Stones for Cancer: 5 Best Crystals for Cancer Zodiac Sign


People born from June 22 to July 22 are considered to have the zodiac sign of Cancer.

Those who are born during this time are also called Cancerians and they are usually very intuitive in nature.

Cancerians have great psychic abilities and can sometimes be considered very emotional.

As much as people with the Cancer zodiac sign can be quite positive and emotional, as like every other sign in the zodiac, they have some negative traits too.

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Sometimes Cancerians can be quite spiteful and temperamental. Also, they have a bit of a reputation of being indecisive, unpredictable, and insecure.

To neutralize these negative sides of the Cancerians and to bring out more positive energy, you can use these lucky stones for cancer.

There are some gemstones and crystals that can significantly improve the lives of the cancer zodiac sign and help to harness the power they already have in their subconscious mind.

To know more about these crystals or stones, read on.

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5 Crystals and Stones for Cancer

Here are the top 5 best crystals or stones that you can have if you are born with the zodiac sign of Cancer.

Ruby for Cancer

The sign of Cancer is considered one of the most passionate signs in the whole zodiac. As the color of passion is red, ruby is considered a lucky stone for the cancer-born people.

Ruby, as you may already know, is deep red in color. It is lucky for Cancerians because this stone can guide the people born within the sign of Cancer to realize ways to improve their relationships.

This stone can reflect passion, vitality, and energy of the Cancerians.

Also, the ruby stone is known for being able to help enhance financial situations for it’s wearer. Wearing a ruby ring on your finger for example can help you in attaining wealth.

It can also help you to create a shield in defense against possible psychic attacks.

Ruby is also known for being able to boost a person’s confidence level, which is a great benefit for anyone who is born during Cancer season.

Carnelian for Cancer

One of the best stones for cancer born people is the Carnelian stone.

Carnelian is known for being able to bring more positivity into a Cancer person’s life.

Cancerians can lose their confidence sometimes and carnelian can help you to become braver with time.

Also, if you have problems regarding making right choice and taking the right decision, then Carnelian can help you make the best decisions for yourself by helping you tap into your intuition.

This stone can also help to clear away pessimistic thinking or any irrational thinking that can come to the mind of people with cancer zodiac.

Being creative in nature, Cancerians are very passionate towards artistic works. Carnelian can help to flair those creativities and beautiful artistic qualities in cancer born people.

Also, this stone can help the cancer-born people to find the right balance and some positive energy.

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Moonstone for Cancer

The next crystal for cancer-born people is moonstone.

It is said that the magic glow of this crystal is quite mesmerizing for people in the Cancer zodiac.

Cancerians are quite known for their good intuition and this crystal can help them to strengthening their skills in this area.

Moonstone is capable of illuminating the trust and it helps to deepen the intuition in the cancer-born people. Hence, it can help to guide them the right way or path.

Besides helping with intuition, the moonstone can also help people within this zodiac sign enhance their lifestyle and lead a healthier life. As this crystal can represent the energy of Cancer, it can help to nurture and inspire them.

The moonstone crystal is actually known to be connected to the energy of water, and it also connected to the energy of the moon. This is why it is one of the best stones for cancer.

Mookaite for Cancer

The mookaite stone is a very nurturing stone that is already a great trait of the Cancer born people.

It helps in providing support during stressful times. As Cancerian people can sometimes struggle with self doubt, this stone can help them to bring a feeling of wholeness.

Along with that, Mookaite can bring some peace and some positive energy which can be great, especially when you are going through a tough time.

Mookaite can encourage versatility as well as it can help you accept some drastic change in life.

While Cancer people are often psychic can be unpredictable in nature, they don’t like change that much. With certain changes in life, they can become more vulnerable.

If you or anyone you know is a Cancerian going through a lot of life changes, the mookaite can really help. T

he mookaite mainly has an impact on the solar plexus chakra.

Red Jasper for Cancer

Jasper is one of the best crystals for Cancer born people. Some people don’t know, but it is actually available in different colors. The most common of the colors available for this stone is red jasper, which is considered to be a lucky stone for Cancerians.

Red jasper stones are specifically associated with the root chakra which can help in healing and attaining overall better well-being.

As you may know, Cancer born people have very deep and strong emotional attachment with the people they are closest to.

This stone can help them to soothe their emotions and to heal any emotional damages that they are facing.

The red jasper stone is also a great option for restoring energy in Cancer-born people as it can help them to stay grounded to their roots i.e. family which is very important to them.

Also, this stone can help the Cancerians to manifest what they want and bring to life the things that they are trying to achieve.

This stone perfectly complements the creative energy of the people born with the Cancer zodiac and offers spiritual protection to them too.

These are the top 5 crystals or stones for cancer zodiac born people.

With the help of these stones, you or your fellow Cancerian friends and family members can get some great benefits.

Some of these stones can help in transforming your life to be better, while some of these stones will help you to increase your creativity and intuition power.

You can choose the stones and crystals that would be best for you based on the areas of life you feel you need he most support with.

Of course, you can either keep them at your house to attract those energies and vibrations, or you can even wear them as jewelry to protect you and help you on the go.

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