Stones for Taurus: 5 Best Crystals for Taurus


Today we’re going over the best crystals and stones for Taurus zodiac signs.

The people who are born between April 20 and May 20 are the ones with the Taurus zodiac sign.

Taurus people come with some regal qualities such as being diligent and graceful. At the same time however, the Taurus people can be very stubborn and sometimes rigid.

As Taurus is represented by the Bull, the people with this zodiac sign are sometimes termed as being “bull-headed’. Though having the potential to be rigid and stubborn, the Taurus people can also be very dependable as well as great listeners.

You can get some best and most effective crystals and stones for Taurus that can help you in improving your life.

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Take a note of all the gemstones that can be quite helpful for the people with Taurus zodiac sign in balancing the different areas of their life.

We have listed the best 5 crystals that can be quite effective for the Taurus people. Read on to know more.

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5 Best Crystals and Stones For Taurus:

Taurus is mainly ruled by Venus and this symbolizes the bull. Being one of the most misunderstood signs, Taurus people need the right crystals or gemstones that can really help them to bring some positive energy and vibration.

Blue Kyanite for Taurus

The blue kyanite crystal is perfect for heart chakra, throat chakra and third eye chakra. It is also a crystal that represents fairness and loyalty which means that this crystal is considered best for dealing with any arguments and disagreements.

The blue kyanite is great for communicating and it can be quite an excellent stone for opening someone’s mind to the views of other people.

As Taurus is known for sticking to their own principles and ideals most the time, this blue kyanite crystal can help them try out new things.

The crystal can also help you in opening up some of their intuitions and restoring the loss of balance. It can also help in uplifting the energy when Taurus people find it difficult to leave their comfort zone.

Rhodonite for Taurus

One of the best crystals for Taurus people is the Rhodonite which is a rose-colored crystal. This stone is related closely to rhodochrosite which can be used for healing any emotional damages.

The rhodonite has the potential to heal past wounds and can help one to regain some inner balance. It can also help in restoring lost potential which can be really helpful.

The best part of the rhodonite crystals is that they can keep the Taurus people grounded and it can shield them from any emotional shocks or panic attacks.

If you or anyone you know are a Taurus and are going through a tough time, then rhodonite can help them to restore balance by changing the negative energy. It can also help you to be more mindful and focused in the middle of difficulties and challenges.

Jade for Taurus

Jade is an excellent stone for Taurus people as it offers excellent protection.

This crystal is also for the heart chakra. It is a beautiful stone which is available in different colors. The most popular one is the green jade stone.

Jade can help with improving the balance and harmony of the life of a Taurean. The green-colored jade can also help to protect the Taurus zodiac sign from misfortune.

A top view image of a bowl of rose quartz crystals with several other healing crystal and smudge sticks.

Taurus people are known to have a stubborn and aggressive streak to their nature. This stone for Taurus can help in balancing the nervous system and calming down one’s thoughts.

This crystal can actually promote good health as well as faster recovery too from illness or injuries.

Keeping a jade crystal in the corner of your house can also bring a lot of benefits. Regardless of where you keep it, this crystal can bring a positive vibration and a great balance to your life and home.

Emerald for Taurus

The Emerald is the birthstone of the Taurus zodiac sign.

The beautiful green-colored gemstone represents prosperity and peace. Emerald can also attract some great vibes bringing in good fortune along with prosperity for the Taurus people.

Besides this, emeralds can even help in boosting mental clarity which is much needed in order to resolve any issue and help with focus and productivity.

Since this is such a beautiful gemstone, you can wear the emerald as an ornament such as earrings, rings, and necklaces.

One of the best facts about emerald is that it can bring better knowledge that is unconsciously present there in your head. With this, you can find the exact answers and solutions that you are looking for in easier and faster ways.

Since Taurus people are also known to love financial independence and luxury, the emerald can be a great stone for them. As emerald is associated with the planet Venus and this planet rules self-worth and money, this can be the ideal crystal for the Taurus people who want a boost in this area of their lives.

Malachite for Taurus

Malachite is one of the crystals that are associated with the heart chakra.

This crystal is quite beneficial for promoting well-being as well as a proper emotional balance.

With the use of the malachite crystal, you can successfully help to repair some damage that may have been done to your emotions. In fact, Taurus people are known for keeping grudges and holding on to past problems. Malachite can help you in coming to terms with the fact that what things were and how they are now so you can begin release or forgive past situations.

Besides these benefits, malachite can also help with self-expression and it also encourages you to believe in giving love and care.

This is one of the best stones for Taurus that can also give you a lot of confidence, assertiveness, and courage so that you can follow and achieve the goals in your life.

There comes a time when Taurus people, like the rest of us, tend to doubt themselves. In these situations, malachite can help you to overcome and emerge with better self-confidence.

These are the top 5 crystals and stones for Taurus people. You can either choose to wear them as jewelry, or you may choose to keep them in your house.

Each of the crystals, as mentioned above, has certain benefits. Based on what you actually need for your well-being and a good life, you can choose that crystal among these five.

Whatever gemstone you choose for improving your life, make sure that you are buying the best quality and genuine gemstones so they hold the best energy for you.

Keeping the Taurus personality traits in mind, you need something that can keep the right balance and keep you grounded.

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